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Alternatives for Area Youth

Manistee County Teen Center

 The Manistee County Teen Center is a a drop-in facility that provides free or low-cost activities in a supervised environment.  It was established in 1991 with a goal of providing education for social recreation and a safe place for all young people in the community.  

 The Center hosts between twelve and twenty teens daily.  Activities include basketball, foosball, ping pong, billiards, computer usage, puzzles, board games, movie nights, crafts and dances. The latest addition to the Center’s grounds was in 2005 when ramps for skate boarding, inline skating and biking enthusiasts were built. 

Ice skating has also been a big part of the Teen Center, taking place every winter.  Over time, the Center has collected skates for the public to use on the ice skating rink and currently has about 200 pairs.  

The Teen Center continues to be funded by the City of Manistee and generous donations from private organizations and service clubs. 


Alternatives for Area Youth:

580 S. Maple Street

P.O. Box 571, Manistee, MI 49660  |  Tel: 231-723-1588

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