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2020 Income Tax Checkoff Program

This year we are encouraging Michigan residents to “check off” for the United Way Fund on Michigan tax returns. Tax form 4642 (Voluntary Contributions Schedule) will allow people to donate all or part of their 2020 Michigan tax return to the United Way Fund, a fund that enables local families to gain access to continued education, job training and other services that can help them build lasting financial independence and success.

By donating all or part of your state tax refund to the United Way Fund, you are directly supporting the local United Way that serves your county and helping families in your community build for their future.

The Michigan Association of United Ways worked with the Michigan Legislature to create a quick and easy way to donate resources that help support Michigan families. This year, please be sure to “check off” for the United Way Fund. All proceeds will benefit the United Way in your community. Giving has never been so easy.


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